Injectable steroids

Winstrol is an effective remedy for muscle relief

Winstrol was first mentioned in the early 60s of the last century. Like most steroids, it was originally developed for medical use. The drug was used to treat anemia and contributed to a quick recovery of the body after surgery. Veterinarians noticed the positive properties of the substance and began to actively introduce it to sick or debilitated animals. As a result, they increased appetite, increased muscle growth, and improved blood quality. In addition, with its help, racehorse owners have increased the speed and endurance of their animals. In view of the effectiveness of the product, athletes also wanted to buy Winstrol.

Features of Winstrol

Stanover has a unique structure. Unlike other AAS, it contains not four, but five benzene rings. Initially, it was actively used by athletes, which increased speed performance. A little later, he became popular in heavy sports. With its help, bodybuilders dried out the muscles, giving him aesthetic relief. And as a bonus, it promoted the growth of quality muscle.

The steroid is available in two forms – pills and injections. In both cases, the active ingredient is stanozolol. The injectable format is water-based, so it has a short half-life.

Fluid is excreted by half of the body in 4-5 hours. The pills are not broken down in the liver, so they will need 18-24 hours for this process. The anabolic starts working almost immediately after the injection.

The drug shows high anabolic activity, while the androgenic index is only 30%. Thanks to this proportion, the AAS is not flavored and the mass obtained during the course is preserved. This advantage attracts many athletes, especially since the price of Winstrol is affordable.

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Winstrol effectiveness

The steroid can be taken alone. As a result, you can get excellent muscle relief and increase your stiffness. However, this method of administration is only suitable for those who already have enough muscle volume with a small layer of fat. As a result of using stanozolol, you may see the following effects:

  • muscle relief increases;
  • strength indicators increase;
  • fat burning is activated;
  • the appetite is stimulated;
  • water is removed from muscle tissue.

Among other things, it can increase the effectiveness of other drugs. Therefore, it is often combined with other AAS for best results. It also has an inhibitory effect on estrogen and progesterone receptors.

Stanover side effects

Stanozolol is highly bioavailable. It is not destroyed in the liver, which increases its toxicity. And this applies to both oral and injectable delivery forms. However, the negative effect in both cases is moderate. Other side effects may include the following:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • an increase in cholesterol levels;
  • acne
  • baldness;
  • suppression of testosterone synthesis.

With proper application, most of these problems can be avoided. Also, after the course, it is important to undergo rehabilitation therapy to normalize the condition of the body.